Digital success begins with making sure that right people have the right knowledge and information to make good decisions.


Typically held in-house, we drive intensive discussion and activity on a particular topic. A workshop with the senior industry expert will deepen the knowledge of the industry value chain, key players and entities and their interrelationships.  As an introduction, the facilitator will explore opportunities and assist in identifying areas which are particularly interesting to research in more detail.

The goals of the workshop are to gain information and an understanding of possible future business opportunities.


Immersive discussions and in-depth sessions seminar aim to provide business leaders with practical tools and methods to help them improve their decision making, prioritise actions, and unlock their inherent growth potential.  Using case studies and group work, attendees can expect to leave with new perceptions as to how to achieve their business goals.

We use success stories and case studies to demonstrate how successful businesses have used their knowledge of their customers and industry chain to launch new products and services.


We have a Digital Finance training programme aimed which is delivered in-house, through training partners and in a public setting.  We cover the impact of digital transformation on the business and how to benefit from the key regulatory requirements.

Public and Private Events

Connecting key speakers from industry, academic and regulatory bodies to share their insights and provoke thoughts on how to strengthen the financial industry in the current economic environment.

Content and Thought Leadership

We produce white papers, podcasts, and on-demand webinars, both under our own name and white label for our customers.

RegTech TV

Coming late 2019 – to bring the content to life, we will bring interviews with key industry stakeholders from Banks, Tech firms, Regulators, and Government.