Our Platform

One of the biggest challenges firms face when implementing RegTech solutions in their business is the fragmented, or set of niche solutions which exist in the market, resulting in the need to implement and more importantly integrate, multiple solutions in order to address a real business challenge or opportunity. To counter this, we set out to find a number of like use-cases which could be integrated in order to create a RegTech-as-a-Service platform that could cover challenges which are common to many industry verticals and across multiple actors.

In order to address the operational challenges which make it harder for regulated firms to buy solutions from small firms, we set out to find a technology vendor who is trusted by the financial services industry and already provides services to the industry.  We found a well-known “big-tech firm” to ensure that the needs of security, reliability, and privacy, as well as operational availability are taken care of.

Our RegTech-as-a-Service platform covers solutions for customer life-cycle management (AML, KYC, identity verification, sanctions screening, PEP checks), operational and enterprise risk management, operational due diligence, and compliance management.

The resulting solutions are targeted to retail and private banks, alternate investments, pensions, endowments, fund-of-funds, wealth management, and broker-dealer segments with a particular focus on regulatory requirements, and opportunities, in MiFID II, AIFMD, GDPR and PSD2.

We deliver whole solutions that solve real business challenges – today!