Research and Projects

We don’t only talk about the keys to success, we are constantly building our experience in order to deliver projects of the highest value to our clients.

Market Analysis

By understanding the market dynamics and the appetite to use technology in particular regulatory problem spaces, we are able to gain the upper hand in creating the perfect strategy for our clients’ needs.

Product-Market Fit

Through analysing the market, we can ensure the your product fits the real needs of the market, not a perceived need, or a solution to a symptom rather than a real challenge.

Business Model Analysis

We identify opportunities in the customer and industry value chains from a third person perspective to ensure your business is as efficient as possible. Both time and price are vital to this analysis

Go To Market Strategy

We will create a Go To Market strategy with you – our exceptionally well connected company will help create meetings to introduce you to the missing piece needed.

Internationalisation strategy

With our market analytics and contacts across the globe, we are ideally placed to position and introduce your product or solution to internationlise your business.


The creation of prototypes and the building of business opportunities that leverage technologies such as blockchain and machine learning.

Implementation Projects

We work with industry and investment partners to make new business opportunities a reality.

We focus on real industry problems, which we analyse to reach the root cause, in order to tackle the real problem and not the symptoms of it.

The foundation of our approach and success is our cutting-edge innovation process, which allows us to apply a scientific and analytical process long before a single line of code is written.

We add value where we have most experience, where regulatory compliance, business, and technology meet.  We understand the business challenges and are able to determine which technology meets the underlying goal.  We focus our efforts on how to make a successful product or service that buyers want to use.

We work with partners where needed: financial service industry players, academia, large as well as smaller niche technology firms.