Who are we?

We are an international business, operating in the space where Regulatory Compliance meets Digital Transformation.  What does this mean?  It means that we understand regulatory change, the impact on business and business strategy, and how to use technology as a tool to take full advantage of the opportunities to create real business value.

Founded in January 2000, we started helping firms who wanted to take advantage of internet as, not only, a sales channel, but as a means to truly get to know and understand their digital customer to be able to offer personalised services.  We are, in that sense true veterans of world of Digital Transformation. 

Working in the financial services and retail industries, we have been involved in the earliest implementations of internet banking, from e-billing and payments projects, all the way to working on the cutting edge of mobile banking, and combining payment, loyalty, and customer experience in the retail space.

Over the past years, we have built a deep subject matter knowledge in cybersecurity, data analytics, and regulatory compliance, giving us an extensive toolkit to help you to not only prototype and experiment, but to really extract value from today’s digital economy.